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Indian bachelors
Abdul Kalam : president of india :
Abul Pakir Jainulbadeen Kalam observes strict celibacy and says "children are one reason why people become corrupt.People become corrupt because they want to create more assets for their children and grandchildren .I am innocent. I am a Brahmachari,Brahmachari is a celibate. Hence corruption does not apply to me at least".
Atal bihari vajapeyi : prime minister of India
Swami Vivekananda: Hindu philosopher
Jiddu Krishnamurti : philosopher
Aurobindo : philosopher
Mayavathi : Chief minister of UP

Reasons for celibacy:
Religious beliefs,
Non availability of suitable willing partner in time,
To focus energies on other matters
Shouldering the burdens of other family members
To avoid contributing to over population
Involuntary celibacy,
A distaste or lack of appetite for sex
Intention to escape from married life's challenges and responsibilities

Sufism: was founded on celibacy. Lust is one of the seven gates to hell.
Buddhism: permanent vocation for monks and nuns.eliminate desire.Sexual desire the more one consumes,the greater the desire - and the worse one's mental state of health becomes.
Hinduism: part of the fourth and final stage, renouncing all ties to family, caste, and property. Lord Ayyappa, was a celibate and confirmed bachelor.
Sikh group Nirmalas: monastic group live in monasteries.
Christianity: Jesus spoke of those who are `eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven' (Matthew 19: 12), and Paul recommended celibacy as the best way of living, for it enabled a person to be free from distracting `worldly' concerns. I Corinthians 7:7-8;32-35: "But I would have you to be without solicitude. He that is without a wife is solicitous for the things that belong to the Lord, how he may please God. But he that is with a wife is solicitous for the things of the world, how he may please his wife: and he is divided. And the unmarried woman and the virgin think on the things of the Lord, that
she may be holy both in body and spirit. But she that is married thinks on the things of this world how she may please her husband.
And this I speak for your profit, not to cast a snare upon you, but for that which is decent and which may give you power to attend upon the Lord without impediment."
Catholics:celibacy is a reflection of life in Heaven, and a source of detachment from the material world, which aids in one's
relationship with God.
Islam: establish family. Some capable of marriage willingly remains single do so out of selfishness, or because of impotence or deep disappointment following unhappiness in love. Healthy men and women
cannot live without sexual relations.Marriage is a basic duty for believers: `Marriage is half of the faith. Men's duty is to `protect the weaker sex'.
voluntary celibacy : can arise from the need for dedication to a particular cause, as with older brothers and sisters looking after the younger children in a family, nurses or social workers devoting themselves wholly to their work, or freedom fighters such as the persons participated in the Palestinian struggle for liberation. It can also arise from personal reasons, such as the desire to seek
fulfillment in life outside or before marriage, or from religious reasons, as with unmarried pilgrims or young widows who have decided to stay in Mecca to pray and meditate, either for a particular period or for their whole life.

Muslim girls who like to live as Muslim celibates express their regret as there is no such religious life in Islam.

The Prophet was married. He praised marriage, and rejected celibacy. `If I had one day more to live and was not married, I would take a wife, so that I should not meet God as an unmarried man'

Marriage is : to beget offspring, in obedience to the clear will of
God and the Prophet; to strengthen the Muslim community; to satisfy
one's sensual appetites and to gain a foretaste of Paradise here on
earth; for the husband: the benefit of having someone to look after
the housework, so leaving time free for prayer;
for the mystic: relaxation through enjoying oneself with one's wife;
finally, an opportunity to grow in patience through tolerating one's
wife's temperament. Nearly all Islamic mystics were married.

The Quran praises the celibacy of: Mary as the perfect example of virginal purity: she`guarded her chastity' (21:91; 66:12; cf. 3:39) John the Baptist [Yahya 257;], chaste [has363;],Jesus,Monks (5:82; 24:36-
37 and 57:27; 9:31,34).Some Muslim mystics and ascetics lived as celibates: Rābi‛Basra refused to marry and dedicated herself to God.shiyya praise celibacy undertaken for religious motives. advise celibacy only if one is not ready for the expenses and burdens of a family, if the character of the proposed wife is too difficult or if she would prevent the mystic from engaging in the serious practice of meditation.Being married or
not being married depends on one's circumstances.`Perhaps he was so
disposed by nature that being preoccupied with family matters would
have exhausted him too much, or it would have become too difficult
for him to provide for a family lawfully, or he was unable to combine
marriage with devotion to the service of God and chose devotion to
the service of God alone. The ideal is to be able to combine married
life with piety and devotion to God, as the Prophet Muhammad did.
Famous lifetime bachelors
� Andr� the Giant, wrestler
� Arthur Balfour, British Prime Minister
� Benjamin Banneker, scientist
� Ludwig van Beethoven, Composer
� Richard Bedford Bennett, 11th Prime Minister of Canada
� Pierre Boulle, French author
� Johannes Brahms, Composer
� Henry Brandon, Actor
� James Buchanan, 15th U.S. President, only President who was
never married
� Billy Campbell, Actor
� Drew Carey, comedian
� George Washington Carver, scientist
� Fr�d�ric Chopin, composer
� Eug�ne Delacroix, painter
� Matt Dillon, Actor
� George Eastman, founded the Eastman Kodak Company and
invented roll film, helping to bring photography to the mainstream.
� Lindsey Graham, U.S. Senator from South Carolina
� Anthony Michael Hall, actor
� George Frideric Handel, Composer
� Edward Heath, British Prime Minister
� Sherman Hemsley, actor
� Christopher Hewett, actor
� J. Edgar Hoover, FBI Director
� Langston Hughes, poet
� Billy Idol, musician
� Ron Jeremy, porn star
� Jesus, founder of Christianity
� Richard Mentor Johnson, U.S. Vice President
� Jarosław Kaczyński, Current Prime Minister of Poland
� APJ Abdul Kalam, Current President of India
� Anthony Kiedis, lead singer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers
� Herb Kohl, U.S. Senator from Wisconsin
� Ed Koch, Mayor of New York
� Karl Lagerfeld, fashion designer
� Carl Lewis, Olympic athlete
� Meriwether Lewis, explorer
� Matthew McConaughey, actor
� Ralph Nader, Environmentalist, consumer advocate, corporate
watchdog, presidential candidate
� Isaac Newton, Scientist
� Al Pacino, Actor
� Tyler Perry, entertainer
� Władysław Raczkiewicz, President of Poland during World War
� Maurice Ravel, composer
� Cesar Romero, actor
� Rick Rubin, music producer
� Gianni Russo, entertainer
� Nipsey Russell, comedian
� Jean-Paul Sartre, philosopher
� Jimmy Saville, Radio personality
� Franz Schubert, Composer
� Robert Schuman, French Prime Minister, foering minister and
one of "European Founding Fathers"
� Philip Seymour Hoffman, actor
� Gene Simmons, rock musician with Kiss
� Adam Smith, Economist
� David Souter, U.S. Supreme Court Justice
� Kevin Spacey, Actor
� Herbert Spencer, English philosopher and political theorist
� Jason Statham, Actor
� Nicola Tesla, Inventor
� George Tobias, Actor
� Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, painter
� Atal Behari Vajpayee, Prime Minister of India
� Vincent van Gogh, painter
� Luther Vandross, Singer/Songwriter
� Antonio Vivaldi, Composer
� Voltaire, Author
� Vin Diesel, Actor
� Armstrong Williams, conservative activist
� The Wright Brothers, Aviation pioneers